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New York

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Villatel is a sister company of Real Estate Private Equity firm.

We founded Villatel to re-imagine family getaways by transforming lodging into an experience in and of itself. We offer travelers the high levels of service and consistency of a high-end hospitality brand, in addition to the space, comfort and small touches of a high end villa, at an affordable price. Comprised of more than 100 homes and growing, replete with top-notch management services from our local teams, we’re blazing new trails and expect to pioneer the future of vacations in some of the world’s largest tourist markets.
What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and consistency. Whether our clients opt for a mansion, or one of our more affordable high-end villas, our homes are expertly designed to meet their needs and exceed their expectations every single time. Our innovation isn’t vacation rentals—it’s the construction and single platform institutional level ownership of the best-run rentals on the market under one umbrella: Villatel. It's a name that will soon become synonymous with the best experiential vacation homes in the world. And it will carry with it a legacy that families and groups everywhere will remember the moment they’re ready to plan their getaways of a lifetime.