Two Hat

Kelowna, BC

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We believe in a world free of online bullying, harassment, and child exploitation.

We believe that everyone should feel free to share online without fear of harassment or abuse. 

Two Hat’s AI-powered content moderation platform classifies, filters, and escalates more than 30 billion human interactions, including messages, usernames, images, and videos a month, all in real-time. With an emphasis on surfacing online harms including cyberbullying, abuse, hate speech, violent threats, and child exploitation, we enable clients across a variety of social networks to foster safe and healthy user experiences.

Through our industry-leading content moderation best practices, we believe we can restore the original purpose of the internet - to empower positive human connection and facilitate healthy social online interactions. Our two hats represent our unique approach to moderation. By filtering and surfacing negative content, we make room for positive online experiences and deeply human interactions.

More than just a filter, we also provide an all-in-one content moderation solution, with data analysis, content escalations, flexible workflows, auto-moderated user reports, and more.