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We rethink the way we do meetings.

At Tucan, we rethink the way we do meetings. Originally intended to collaboratively exchange and develop ideas, the meeting has become one of the biggest time drains across all organisations. We at Tucan help people improve their meeting productivity. The idea is simple: Our aim is to provide a second brain that automagically takes meeting notes for its users to analyse and summarise them. The goal is to free employees from all repetitive meeting documentation without losing any information. In short: We want to enable everyone to reach their full potential and focus on what really matters to them. 

We are a young company as Tucan was founded in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. We have spent time building up our natural language processing stack (especially speech recognition) over the past months and quickly got traction. We recently closed our seed round and now is the time to realise the vision with an amazing product. 

Meetings are everywhere and 60% of them feel unproductive. That is an enormous opportunity! German and English are already feasible with our software. We plan to first grow the product in Europe and then expand worldwide!