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We’re a team of designers and engineers building products we’re proud of. We approach our work the same way we’ve built our agency—with a focus on people and what drives them. Township is a place for questioning, collaborating, and creating.

Township is a "life first" company that is committed to providing a happy, flexible workplace for all walks of life. Township is a fully remote, US-based digital product agency. We have a few strongly held convictions:

We take care of each other |
We believe strongly that companies should take care of their employees, and that employees should take care of each other. We create an environment that allows for growth, trust, and belonging across the team.

Do great work, and then do something else |
We ask a lot of our team, but we also know that your job is only part of your life. We’ll keep you busy during ‘working hours’ but leave you plenty of time to pursue the things that are important to you outside of your job. We are committed to a 40 hour work week.

Great products are crafted by integrated teams |
We believe that great products are created through the close collaboration of design and engineering. Our engineering team plays a big part in our design process, and our design team collaborates closely with the engineering team at all stages of the development process.

Township strives to contribute to the health and happiness of each one of its teammates by providing a workplace that is free from harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. All aspects of employment are rooted in respect and responsibility to those around us, whether that be our teammates, clients, or our greater community.

Township does not discriminate on the basis of religion, disability, marital status, age, medical condition, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Township is explicitly anti-racism.

Township is an equal opportunity employer.
We are all responsible for upholding this policy. Current and prospective teammates are welcome to discuss any questions regarding equal employment opportunity with Township’s leadership.