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Tortuga helps travelers avoid the cost and hassle of checking luggage with carry-on-sized travel backpacks.

We build bags to make travel easier. 
We build Tortuga to make work better.

The modern workplace prevents us from doing our best work. Long commutes, inflexible hours, endless meetings. Even the vaunted open office plan is full of distractions. You can’t even get work done at work.

We do things differently. Our vision of the future of work is remote and human-centric.

Tortuga is a fully-distributed company. Our small team works remotely and lives all over the world.


A Jargon-Free Mission That’s Worth Your Time
To make travel easier and more enjoyable.

We believe that travel is a force for good. Yet, we know that traveling is filled with annoying hassles and endless fees. We take care of the un-fun parts of traveling so that our customers can take great trips. At Tortuga, you’ll spend your time making travel better.

More Autonomy Than Your Last Job
Every company says that it wants to hire self-starters. Remote companies have no other choice. You must take initiative and hold yourself accountable to a high standard of work. No one will be looking over your shoulder or tracking your time.

You will have more autonomy at Tortuga than at your previous jobs but more will be expected of you. Autonomy does not come without accountability. We set goals at the company and team level. You set your personal goals and figure out how to achieve them.

The Opportunity to Do Your Best Work
Working remotely allows us to maximize “deep work” while minimizing meetings and distractions.

At Tortuga, you will have the space to master your craft. Being an individual contributor, or Player, will never limit your growth, influence, or salary. Tortuga is a Player-centric company. Instead of managers, we have Coaches whose job it is to help you do your best work ever.

When hiring, we look for people who share our values and will add to our culture.

Work On Our Terms
We are a distributed team. Everyone sets their own hours and chooses where to live and work. For us, the flexibility provided by remote work is worth the tradeoffs.

Prioritize the Customer
We start with the customer. Everything that we do—from creating products to writing blog posts to answering customer emails—is done to solve problems for our fellow travelers. If we do this well, everything else will take care of itself.

Scratch Our Own Itch
We created our first product because we needed it. Every product that we make must solve a problem for city travelers. We will never slap our logo on a “me too” product just for the cash.

Build and Improve Systems
We use software and systems so that we can focus on our highest leverage work. We systematize, automate, or just stop doing low value tasks. No busy work here.


Tortuga is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and encourage anyone who is interested in joining our team to apply for open roles, even if you aren't certain that you're qualified. For example, research shows that women are less likely to apply for roles if they don’t meet 100% of the qualifications.

Our top priority is hiring the right person for each role at Tortuga. So we want to hear from you.