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Tier3 Media

East Brunswick, NJ

Jobs posted: 3

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We treat aesthetic practices to new patients, so they can treat them.

Tier3 Media is one of the fastest growing aesthetics marketing agencies in North America. We develop highly-profitable campaigns for new, struggling (but not for long) and flourishing aesthetic practices (med spas, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, and others). With less than 10% attrition in the past 14 months, with NO contracts, we are one of the most effective agencies assisting aesthetics practices. We've built our business on these pillars of teamwork: Character, Competence & Chemistry. We also believe that family comes first, then our employees, then our clients and believe that each should get our absolute best effort. That's why we made the decision for all of our positions to be remote. If our team has character, they will perform their job to the best of their ability. If we are competent, the best of our ability means that our clients are getting exactly (or more) than what they pay for. If we have chemistry, well, that just means we can have fun doing it.

Welcome to Tier3 Media.