The Podcast Host ltd.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Turning your passion into the world's inspiration, but helping anyone to start a successful podcast.

Our core area of work is podcasting: helping others launch and grow an amazing, world-changing show. We publish a range of free resources on a regular basis at, and we direct anyone who needs more help to our coaching and web app products.

Here's how our company works:

  1. Supporting a close community of all-in media creators within our paid course library: The Podcast Host Academy. The community contains courses, resources and live-taught events to help anyone learn how to run a better show.
  2. Running a Software as a Service (SAAS) web application, Alitu, which is a tool to help people create a podcast. SAAS growth & marketing is a really interesting and growing area, and you'll help us create our strategy around that.
  3. Affiliate and Sponsorship related to our free content. This means researching customer problems and needs, and creating content that really helps them. This is then monetised through product recommendations, sponsorship and other methods.