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TeamSnap is an award-winning communication and management service for recreational and competitive sports teams, tournaments and organizations.

Founded in 2009, TeamSnap creates web and mobile apps to help players, parents, coaches and administrators manage and communicate with their sports teams and organizations. Our software is designed to help families stay connected and have fun, and that mission extends to TeamSnap, where we take our own work seriously but not ourselves. We have a ton of fun collaborating every day.

As a mostly-distributed company, trust is our cornerstone value. Employees work where they want, how they want, without a manager sitting over their shoulder watching every move. We value results over appearing busy, and TeamSnappers tell us that they are able to do the very best work of their lives in an environment where they are surrounded by co-workers who bring passion and ownership. Nobody is here just to pick up a paycheck.

We stay connected all day by Slack and Zoom, and we value social interaction as much as work conversation. Slack democratizes communication and helps to foster unexpected friendships—a developer might become friends with an accountant in the #bachelorette channel; a salesperson might chat with a QA tester in the #football channel. We build strong relationships that aren’t limited to fleeting nods in the cafeteria. Also, we don’t have a cafeteria.

The notion of trust extends to our company policies. Mostly, we ask people to use their best judgement. We offer flexible vacation, let people book their own business travel, and don’t require manager approval to make common-sense decisions. We assume positive intent and don’t present a lot of red tape that gets in the way of progress. Mostly, we treat everyone like top performers and watch them exceed expectations.

We recognize that our customers are not in office buildings in San Francisco or New York, but rather on the soccer fields of Des Moines, the hockey rinks of St. Paul and the basketball courts of Fort Collins. We encourage our employees to get outside and take their work to coffee shops, bleachers and beaches, because work should happen in the world, not under fluorescent lights.

It all adds up to passionate people doing great work with teammates who are happy, healthy and excited to collaborate every day.