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Our core values drive everything we do at SuperFat. From the quality ingredients we use, the people we hire, to how we treat our customers, every decision is based on whether or not it meets our core values.

SuperFat, launched in 2019, has seen tremendous growth and is looking to expand. The company sells Keto snacks to health-conscious consumers and needs a CPG ecommerce Growth Expert to make an extremely successful channel for the company. From Tim Ferriss loving the products to getting into retail with great partners like Kroger, Erewhon, Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, and more, we are just at the beginning of this great journey.

We’re entrepreneurs empowering change with fat.

As entrepreneurs and health enthusiasts, we’d always talked about creating a new product in the health-tech space. It wasn’t until we began to explore opportunities that we realized how big the obesity and diabetes epidemics actually were. Without the right diet, we realized, no amount of tech would change that. Without better education, people would still believe the myth of a low-fat high carb diet. So we turned our love of healthy fats into a Keto snack company called SuperFat.

We currently sell Keto certified Nut Butter and Keto cookies – more products to follow. Our products are a convenient way to get the right balance of nut fats and functional ingredients, moderate protein, and low net carbs on the go. We’ve created something that actually tastes great, is nutritionally balanced, and provides a boost of on-demand fuel wherever you go.

Our team is located around the world. We have 5-6 people here in the US and 3 outside – all work virtually. We have a strong focus on core values and team culture – see below for our core values. Our team’s success is attributed to our values and our focus on a common goal – bringing SuperFat products to consumers across all channels.