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Palo Alto, CA

Jobs posted: 3

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At the core of Squadformers is the team, or as we like to call it, the Squad. We are friends and colleagues that lift you up when things get tough, challenge you to be a better version of yourself, and respect one another, all while working together on an important mission for the world. Yes. We like to be decent Humans…
We have two types of missions: client missions, and greater good missions. We use the money from the client missions to fund the greater good missions, because those we do for free. Important missions that urgently need our help, like climate change and inequality. And the client missions? Those are important, too. We help Silicon Valley startups like [Gabb](https://gabbwireless.com) create safer and less distracting technology for kids. We help [Bevy](https://bevy.com) create community with their online platform. And we help [Compose](https://compose.im) build a less distracting online world, with more focus and flow. And many more.
Our squad members come from diverse backgrounds, many previously at companies like Spotify, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and more. We work together as a Squad of 5-6 people, in North American time zones only.