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Snowball Industries

San Francisco, CA

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Snowball is an essential services holding company inspired by the Berkshire Hathaway model. We buy great essential commercial and home services businesses that do high quality work, and aim to hold them forever. We reinvest the cash flows into organic growth and acquisition of additional operating companies. 
We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors who have built our own businesses from the ground up and are now focused on building a unique, values-driven family of companies with a long-term mindset. 

We encourage and reward hustle, humility, and long-term thinking. It is our belief that every role in our ecosystem, when done with expertise, care and excellence, is a profession of honor. 

We are committed to increase pathways to prosperity for everyone who works with us. We take pride in what we do, and prioritize the financial and personal wellbeing of those that work within the Snowball ecosystem.

We have made two acquisitions so far in the essential services market as platforms for the company to build upon, and are working on closing a third. We are profitable and cash-flow positive. We are not a private equity firm, and we like to think we don’t act like one. We are backed by our founders and a few strategic investors with a long-term mindset. Our goal is to fund the growth of the company through as broad of a shareholder base as possible and make every employee a shareholder in the long run.