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Saint Petersburg, FL

Jobs posted: 3

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As a data-driven and customer-centric suite of applications, we make it easier to optimize your business at every stage of its life

SMART Apps is a forward-thinking, lean development team; developing e-commerce applications, our premium theme, and our top-tier educational content - all to push our customers to their optimal potential as they scale their business or learn to navigate their entrepreneurial journey toward financial freedom.

We are very strategical about who we hire and work with. We want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that want to be a part of something greater, helping others in the world to succeed.

As mentioned above, we offer attractive benefits and strive to provide a work culture that runs off of passion to do good.

Benefits included: 
    • 20 Vacation Days Per Year (Accrual after a trial period of 90 days)
    • Unlimited Book/Audiobook fund 
    • Mentorship from senior level engineers and C-Team 

    U.S. Employee Only Benefits: 

    • PPO Insurance (Health, Dental, Vision & Life) (We Pay 75%) 
    • $1000/Year in travel credits (Airbnb, or the airline of your choice) 
    • $360/Year in “Pet funds” for your furry friends 
    • $720/Year towards your gym membership 
    • $240/Year towards your music subscription (Spotify, Pandora) 
    • $180/Year towards learning another language (Babbel, Duolingo) 

    In other words, we’re seeking people who are, Bibliophilic, multi-lingual, cultured, well-traveled, health-conscious, pet-loving, audiophiles who want to build amazing products that tens of thousands of eCommerce stores around the world use and love 

    We are eager to help develop the future of software development and NEED to hire someone eager to learn! You will be working with the SMART Family - a team of intelligent, driven and friendly individuals with one goal in mind: to better the lives of others in the e-commerce space. Those capable candidates will be required to run through an interview, development test, and short trial period before being brought on the team.