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Los Angeles

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Our mission is to drive predictable growth for companies that positively impact 40M people.

Single Grain is a small, but mighty, digital marketing agency in downtown LA. We specialize in PPC, Paid Social, SEO, and Content Marketing working with clients such as Intuit, Uber, and Amazon. Our founder and thought leader, Eric Siu, has led Single Grain to where it is now and is continuing to grow its audiences through a variety of channels.

Eric hosts two podcasts - Marketing School (1M downloads/mo) and Growth Everywhere (100k downloads/mo). Growth Everywhere posts weekly interviews of world-class entrepreneurs and C-level executives and pulls out actionable insights to help you grow personally and professionally. Marketing School brings you 10 minutes of marketing advice and strategies every single day. We speak at conferences as well as host our own, we run a blog with over 200,000 visitors/mo and have a YouTube channel with 22,000+ subscribers. We even have our own SaaS tool and educational products.

All of this is to fulfill our mission to create meaningful predictable growth for business-owners and companies from Series A start-ups to tech giants and enterprises.