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Boston, MA

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SHIFT is the premier platform for presenting, organizing, and securing your best work

Shift was formed in 2017 through the combination of two market leaders, MediaSilo and Wiredrive, and is a leading provider of SaaS platforms for video-driven creative workflows. With more than 1,800 customers worldwide, and three million total users exposed to the platform as content owners, collaborators, or reviewers, our platform empowers teams with the tools to manage any creative workflow.

Our two core markets are Media & Entertainment (M&E) and Commercial Production. In M&E, Shift counts the largest networks, studios, and Over-the-Top (OTT) players as customers, while in Commercial Production Shift’s customer base ranges from global agencies and brands to production houses. In any given year, over 80% of Golden Globe winners are SHIFT customers, and over 90% of Super Bowl ads were produced using SHIFT products. Today, 70 percent of all scripted and reality television is touched by a SHIFT solution.

Shift gives individuals and teams from enterprise media companies, agencies, and brands access to a secure ecosystem that embraces the unique needs of creators and eliminates compromises. With offices in Los Angeles’ Silicon Beach and Boston’s Seaport District, Shift makes great content possible everywhere.