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Seeq Corp.


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Act with Integrity Make a Difference for Our Customers Value Every Team Member Promote Agility and Creativity Support Our Community Exercise Financial Responsibility Continuous Improvement

We are entrepreneurs with a passion for developing innovative technology. 

Our software and services are redefining how process manufacturing organizations access and analyze industrial process data. That means enabling insights that save money, energy, and resources, which is good for all of us. 

We have great investors and a leadership team that has produced several successful startups, and we are excited to add this one to the list. 

We are a virtual, 100% distributed company. That means we can live and work productively wherever we choose. Our team members are distributed all over the United States, and one even went on a year-long worldwide tour. So, where you are matters less than the impact you make in contributions to the team. We use a great suite of collaboration offerings to share work and enable effective communications, including our homegrown Qube Virtual Office.

And being distributed doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play! We have a daily show-and-tell session,annual all-team meetups, baby showers, online happy hours, and even our Halloween murder mystery party. We’re always innovating ways to connect informally, too, so that we can continue to evolve our culture.

We're still small, so you'll be in the thick of it. You, yes you, will make a huge impact on the success of the company. If you're looking to work smart, play hard, and live wherever there's a fast internet connection, then we're looking for you, too.