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Most schools struggle to easily communicate with their students. At Rise Vision we provide digital signage that keeps everyone in the know.

We believe in providing fresh and engaging digital signage content that is effortless, reliable, and affordable that continuously engages the audiences of our customers. If we don’t deliver, the customer can have their money back.

Since 1992, we’ve helped thousands of organizations around the world have great looking displays.

We started in partnership with Trans-Lux and Reuters showing financial stock quotes on LED displays at the front of trading floors across the globe.

In 1997, we installed our first educational financial trading lab at Bentley University. Since then this lab has prepared thousands of business students with the hands-on tools necessary to enter the financial workforce right out of college. To date, we have installed hundreds of similar labs in high schools and universities across North America.

In 1998, we began providing tools to create and deliver financial data to monochrome tickers and then, in 1999, we introduced tri-color stock tickers - back then this was innovative! ;-).

In 2003, we were the first in our industry to launch digital signage content management as software as a service (SaaS) from the web. Schools like Washington & Lee University, and hundreds after them, deployed campus-wide digital signage networks using this service.

In 2010, we were once again the first in our industry when we launched our digital signage service on the Google Cloud platform, open-sourced a large number of our applications and moved our content from proprietary formats to open and accessible HTML that anyone could edit.

By 2018, over 100,000 accounts have been created, and we are driving displays with engaging and effortless content in over 125 countries.

Our goal is to serve 1 million displays by 2027!