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Oklahoma City, OK

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At Rehash, we are helping merchants reach their potential through award-winning design and superior technology, paired with great training and support. From concept to completion, we help grow retail businesses.

From Shopify design and development to complete retail store build outs, our team at Rehash has more than a decade of experience to lean on to ensure our merchants are successful. Our award-winning custom Shopify themes help merchants set their brand apart and produce unique functionality and experiences that set the standard for the industry. Merchants routinely need customized solutions to solve operational processes or to add specific functionality to their storefronts. Our team is well-versed in designing and developing custom Shopify applications to meet those needs.

We empower our team, challenge personal growth, and put well-being as paramount. We are always looking for people that value these things and are capable of producing work that exceeds client and industry expectations.

Better together

We believe teams are at their best when they fully engage and develop the individual. This requires understanding each other's strengths while uncovering opportunities for growth. Constantly challenging and encouraging one another creates an environment where the sum is greater than its parts.

Work life balance

No one wants to be a part of a company that breeds stress and negativity. Your workplace culture should be in balance with your personal life. We strive to put people first—coordinated team schedule, paid time off, training & development, offering great healthcare, 401k match, and paid charity time.