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Help every developer advance their career.

As developers, we know that shipping code alone is painful. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who's been there. Raise.dev is the second set of eyes you need to solve the problem, take the next step, or get unblocked. 

We’re building a way for folks who need support to get help from experienced developers. We create value through on-demand pair programming, longer-term coaching arrangements, and employment opportunities. As a software company, we offer membership packages that customers pay for on a recurring basis. (And we’re learning a ton along the way). 

Generally we’re motivated by positive impact and relationships. Our values are: 
- Fairness 
- Autonomy 
- Proactive
- Service at scale
- Quality
- Win/win 

Our organization is fairly early-stage (a handful of full-time employees) and we’re eager to execute on the vision for the product. The founders have decades of experience in technical education and have been successful at raising seed funding.