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ProFinda is a pioneering Total Workforce Optimization platform, that intelligently organizes people and work.

ProFinda is pioneering “Workforce Optimisation”. This emerging £2.8bn software category will transform organisational productivity and the employee talent agenda. With our unique technology, our global clients and channel partnerships we are entering a massively exciting growth phase.  ProFinda is headquartered in London. Since going live in 2011, ProFinda has become an award winning enterprise technology solution with a focus on professional services and other knowledge-driven industries.  These organisations have been spending millions on talent systems that haven’t given them the information they need about their own employee’s skills, let alone their total talent pool including contingent and alumni workers. As a result, employees are left unengaged and under-utilised while these organisations spend more money sourcing contingent workers to fill the gap, and not necessarily the right ones.  ProFinda is a workforce optimisation platform that maps the skills, knowledge, and expertise available across an organisation's total talent supply chain of internal, contingent and alumni workers.  By implementing ProFinda a company can now far better match their available talent internally and externally with the right opportunities at the right time, increasing engagement, productivity, and efficiency while decreasing costs. We use our proprietary skills ontology and machine learning to build an accurate knowledge base of the skills and experiences of employees, contractors, and alumni for major enterprises.  We believe we are changing the way companies think about their people and the way people think about their own careers, by making the total talent pool a reality. To take customers on this journey we need to win their confidence, excel at delivery and continually delight them as the product grows and changes. We treat each client like they were our first and want to find people who are as passionate as we are about client’s successes.