Product Feedback

Paris, France

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With Product Feedback, everyone can flawlessly run customer research, analyze quantitative data, extract insights, and make them accessible to the whole company.

Who are we?

We're passionate about tech and have been working in startups for the past decade. We're transparent, honest, and looking to have fun at work.

Product Feedback aims to be a powerful tool for Product Managers to help them understand user feedbacks, and take better product decisions.

Many months of research have led us to scratch our own itch: Product Managers and UX Researchers are struggling to unify and analyze the insights they collect from their users. That's why we have begun creating Product Feedback, a flexible product inspired by Notion which will allow product teams to store product insights and make them accessible to their whole team.

Product Feedback is a new project which is backed by another running SaaS company. This ensures us financial autonomy while we seek product-market-fit.