Pathable, Inc.

Seattle, WA

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Pathable's robust, award-winning event app boasts the highest adoption rate in the industry

Pathable ( is the leading provider of mobile event apps and online community platforms for conferences, tradeshows, events, and associations.

From 10,000 doctors at a convention center to 200 community organizers meeting for a weekend, our software improves the entire experience of attending in-person conferences and events. Though we develop products delivered over the Internet, as a nearly 10 year-old profitable company, we're not quite a startup anymore.

We're fortunate to have room to innovate and experiment as we develop new products and services. Managed and majority owned by the original founders, we've got the freedom to chart our own course -- our only influence is what's best for our customers.

From the beginning, our culture has supported and embraced remote workers. We don't have an office and the Pathable family lives or is traveling in over 10 countries. Our members enjoy more time with their children, living in remote and unusual places, or exploring the world; all while growing professionally and building things about which they are proud.

We're building features in our recently finished new version, it was built from the ground up, using the latest tools available at the time, integrated everything we've learned from nearly 15 years of product development to the same market.