Particular Software

Haifa, Israel

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Our mission is to make organizations better at building, maintaining, and running complex software systems. In order to see why being a commercial technology vendor is the best way to pursue this mission, see this document.

Particular Software provides a Service Platform that powers mission-critical systems in a wide
range of industries. The company is a distributed company, with all its staff working remotely
from home offices all over the world. The legal headquarters are in Haifa, Israel.

Particular Software’s clients span all industries and range from the smallest startups to Global
2000 companies. The company was founded in 2010, under the name NServiceBus, the
backbone product of the company. The company began operating under the name Particular Software
in 2013 to reflect the expansion of its product line into a broader platform.

The company has grown steadily in sales and staff and boasts a virtual employee culture that
is communicative, responsive to customers as well as staff needs, is dynamic and fast-paced.