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Fully Distributed Team

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A tight-knit fully distributed team, running that way for over a decade. Proud purveyors of modern JavaScript and Python. Creators of a beloved real-time content analytics product trusted by the web's biggest sites. Now part of Automattic & WPVIP.

Parse.ly is the content analytics system trusted by pro storytellers. Our industry-leading real-time analytics product provides up-to-the-minute insights to the web's biggest sites, including top editors at places like Arstechnica, The New Yorker, The Intercept, and The Atlantic. Parse.ly's 15-person product/engineering team is small enough to be nimble, but large enough to be dangerous. And: it's growing (especially in 2021).

Ours is a tight-knit fully distributed team which has run on the distributed model (no offices) for over a decade. Our engineers are proud purveyors of modern JavaScript and Python. As one example, we recently rewrote a major dashboard product in Vue.js, which shrunk the prior JavaScript codebase by a significant factor, all the while preserving all customer functionality. As another example, all our backend systems run on Python 3 at the scale of hundreds of cloud (AWS) nodes, and we recently replaced a cloud system which receives 2 million production requests per minute with zero downtime.

As a team, we are the proud creators and maintainers of a beloved real-time content analytics product that is relied upon by hundreds of enterprises and tens of thousands of users. As of February 2021, we are also a part of Automattic's enterprise software division, WPVIP. Automattic is a company whose culture of open web, open source, and fully distributed teams is a scaled extension of ours. They are well-known as the creators of WordPress.com, which hosts millions of sites atop the world's most popular content management system, WordPress. As a result, this is an extremely exciting time to join the company as we scale our content analytics technology to the wider web.