Panda Strike

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Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA

Developer owned and run remote shop.

We're Panda Strike, a developer-owned and run, 100% remote shop, located (for what it's worth) in Santa Monica, CA.

You can learn more about our company via our Web site:

and our blog:

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  • Panda StrikeSenior Developer / Mobile / iOS / Android
  • Panda StrikeSenior Developer / Full-Stack / Java
  • Panda StrikeSenior Rails generalist with some ecommerce experience (Contract)
  • Panda StrikeDevOps generalist with some Windows desktop and Wind River embedded automation experience
  • Panda StrikeUnreal Engine 4 Developers
  • Panda StrikeSenior Rails Developers
  • Panda StrikeSenior Developer / Full-Stack / Web
  • Panda StrikeSenior Scala Developer
  • Panda StrikeSenior DevOps and Big Data Engineer
  • Panda StrikeSenior Front-End Web Developer
  • Panda StrikeDevOps