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Our Hometown, Inc

Clifton Springs, NY

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Helping newspapers develop and implement new digital business models

Our Hometown, Inc. has proudly served the newspaper industry for over twenty three years, providing complete and hassle-free digital publishing solutions for news media outlets across the country and world.

From our Wordpress CMS platform, you can compose content and export articles to InDesign, or receive a feed from our Google Docs add on.  We also offer full website production with our PDF to HTML conversion service and native apps for iOS and Android.

Our engineering team is developing innovative new products to help newspapers increase revenue and engagement with their content.  For example, Related Stories is a tool that uses machine learning to provide recommendations on other articles based on the content of the current story.  Audio Articles is automatically converting the text articles on our websites into mini-podcast episodes, which are fed to all major podcast apps.  We are focused on automating as many processes as possible with the ultimate goal of increasing efficiency and making local news economically viable.