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OrderEZ is an affordable end-to-end solution built for the food and beverage industry that helps suppliers and venues digitalise supply chain processes, centralises business management and increases revenue.

We’re SaaS but we’re also F&B. You could work for another SaaS startup but their clients would never be as interesting, or more genuinely in need of solutions than the F&B sector is today!  Our clients are craft breweries and distilleries, spirits distributors, coffee roasters, bakers, bars, and restaurants. 
We started this business because we love to eat and drink well and wanted to help the independent bars, restaurants, and suppliers by giving them the tools that they need to compete with the big guys. In the US 50% of the wholesale food distribution business is controlled by 50 companies, which means the other 11,527 food distributors split the remaining 50% and the wholesale alcohol market is nearly identical.