Openly, Inc.

Boston, MA

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We're a new super-quanty​ insurance company, help us build our Go-based company stack from the ground up.

Openly is building a next-generation insurance company from the ground up. We’re questioning the way things have been done in this industry for over a hundred years with an open mind to how customers want insurance to work—everything from how insurance is quoted & sold, to the back-end operations that frustrate everyone and waste money. Insurance is filled with many interesting engineering problems that need a fresh perspective.

This isn’t something we’ve undertaken on a whim—the founding team brings executive-level experience from Liberty Mutual Insurance and Goldman Sachs, with mastery in actuarial science, computer engineering, math, and finance (MIT, Duke, and the University of Michigan). The rest of the team are key early hires who are experts in their respective fields of statistics, actuarial science, and engineering. 

We were one of the 10 companies selected to the Boston Techstars 2018 class. You can watch our Demo Day video here to learn more about what we’re building:

We have a multi-year runway and are backed by top-tier and knowledgeable VCs. 

What’s in our stack?

We’re careful to select technologies that are the right fit for solving the specific problem, not just the new hotness. You DO NOT need to know all these.

  • Backend/Core: Go & Postgresql
  • Frontend: Browser-based, VueJS & Webpack
  • Research/Data Science: R, ArcGIS, H2O & Python
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud & Kubernetes