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Oakland, CA

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Happy homes and healthy investments

Mynd is a tech-enabled real estate company serving an $85B+ property management and real estate investment market.  In the past few years,  financial services disruptors like E-Trade,  Schwab,  and Robinhood have unlocked access to the stock market,  minting a new generation of self-service investors.  Yet we at Mynd believe that real estate remains the most powerful tool for building generational wealth.

We’re on a mission to create happy homes and healthy investments by offering best-in-class property management services and making SFRs as accessible and effortless as other types of investments.  Investing in real estate can be intimidating,  especially for first-time buyers.  Plus,  many potential investors don’t want to invest in real estate in their geographic area or have been priced out of competitive big city housing markets.  Through localized operations in 25 markets across the US,  and real-time insights via our platform,  we remove the time,  communication,  and geographic barriers traditionally associated with real estate.  Investors can now find,  purchase,  rent,  manage,  and sell single-family rental properties 100% remotely.

Mynd was named the #1 fastest-growing private company in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times in 2020.  We’ve attracted talent from Starwood Waypoint Homes,  McKinsey,  Shift,  Better,  BCG,  One Medical,  Zillow,  Upwork, and Facebook.  We’re backed by top VCs,  including Lightspeed,  Canaan,  and Jackson Square,  and just announced a $5 billion deal with Invesco Real Estate that will make us the largest buyer of single-family rental homes in the country.  Most importantly,  we’re a kind and fun team of innovators who truly enjoy ushering in a new generation of real estate investors.