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Modo Labs, Inc.

Cambridge, MA

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Modo is the world leader in using mobile to enable, engage, and transform the digitally connected campus and workplace.

Founded in 2010 by MIT's chief mobile platform architect, the Modo no-code app building platform has empowered the world's most recognized academic institutions and global brands to engage, and transform the digitally connected campus and workplace.

We're helping our customers unify their distributed campus and workplace digital experience with an easy to build and maintain hyper-personalized app. Our solutions are designed specifically for the workplace and campus experience and our out-of-the-box tools make it easy for anyone to quickly create a branded multi-channel app that connects your users, builds culture, motivates behaviors that drives employees and students to succeed. Modo is also the only platform built to match the scalability and security demands of the world's leading companies and institutions, while retaining the agility for any organization to adapt at a moment's notice to the day's most critical challenges.

In keeping with a commitment to agility, Modo pivoted with the coronavirus outbreak to supply how-to tools, actionable playbooks, Starter Kits, and on-going series of strategy guides and webinars.