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About us:

We're Mindmaven, an executive coaching firm that's spent the last 12+ years working with 100's of leaders, including unicorns like Thumbtack, Reddit, and Outreach.io, as well as heavy hitters such as Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, and First Round Capital.  

We help leaders achieve true greatness by focusing on relationships. Why, you ask? Because there is not a single person who achieved their full potential without help from others. No matter what true greatness is for you: leaving a legacy or leaving the world in a better place or simply reaching your fullest potential. And yet, even though most people agree that relationships are important, most continue to underinvest in them. The core reason for that is that while relationships are almost always important, they are almost never urgent (and we are living in an increasingly urgency-driven world). Mindmaven is in the business of helping people overcome this by unleashing what we call the three executive superpowers: Leverage, Intent, and Fellowship.

With Leverage, we free up 8-10 hours of time each week by fundamentally changing how our clients work with their EA/Chief of Staff. With Intent, we help them become more proactive and highly-focused on growth, mastery, and the things that matter most. With Fellowship, we teach our clients how to build an irrationally loyal following of people (both within their company and greater network).

In doing so, we have the honor of making the world a better place by helping people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives without sacrificing the things that matter most.

Sound like something you can be passionate about? Read on.