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London, UK

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Safeguarding communication and information for humanity

What is Mailchain?
Mailchain is email for web3.
We're developing the next generation of messaging for web3 and the metaverse to safeguard communication and information. Do you care about user privacy, open source software, first class user experience, and developing new technologies that will benefit millions of users?

Without communication as a first class citizen, many actions taken for granted on the Internet cannot take place in web3. Users can’t receive direct communications related to their savings, loans, and financial positions. They can’t receive information from projects they care about in the context of how they interact with them. They can’t contact others in their community, for example, to make an offer to purchase a digital collectible. Businesses can’t receive receipts for payments, or invoices. Developers can’t be reached in the event of security issues and can’t send out important communications to their users if there is an issue, upgrade, or decision to be made.

Mailchain provides a cross protocol platform for sending and receiving messages between blockchain addresses. Users don’t need to reveal private keys or any other information about themselves. It’s as simple as using webmail.

Mailchain's Values
We obsess about our users: They are the reason we exist and the source of our motivation. We love uncovering and solving users’ most important, most urgent, and most valuable problems. We work on what matters most to them today, never making short term decisions to sacrifice long term success.

We think big but start small: We love to take on big challenges. We break problems down into solvable pieces and look for simple solutions. If the right solution doesn't exist yet, we will invent it. When a better solution comes along, we will replace what we have.

We make everyday count: We start every day with a clear purpose, and are thoughtful and deliberate about what we do. We don’t wait for the right moment, we create it. We maintain focus and see things through to completion. We re-evaluate our priorities regularly to adjust to the changing needs around us. To constantly be our best selves, we remind ourselves often that we're on a long journey and it's important to re-energise, recover, and reflect regularly.

We go further together: We work as a team and succeed as a community. Our community is open and welcoming of all different perspectives. We listen to the community, are respectful of its diversity, and address its needs. We contribute in every way we can.