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Dayton, OH

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We are the littlelines that connects the dots


Let us start by giving a little more information about Littlelines so you have a better idea of our culture. We started the company with a simple mission - to have fun building things for people that pay us to do it - pretty simple. So far, it's worked out pretty well. Since 2007, we've worked with many many clients large and small with many different types of applications - some easy and some challenging. Most of our work has been with Ruby on Rails projects and within the last couple years, we've also have had a few Elixir projects too - though the client adoption has been slower. Our preferred stack is Ruby on Rails / Elixir Phoenix on the backend and Vue.js on the front-end.

And not much has changed in that respect in the past fourteen years - we have a healthy set of clients that we work with daily. All of our projects are organized and managed in Asana (https://asana.com). A typical day would be working on the cards you are assigned too, submitting pull requests for peer review, and moving the cards through the kanban board until delivery. All of our clients are on Asana too and are readily available to answer any questions. In some cases, we also have our clients in designated channels in Slack so they feel like they are part of the development team too. Those are basically the only two tools we use for communication.

Work/life balance is important to us. We really try to keep focus, as much as possible, on the code. So we keep the meetings to a minimum and have one stand-up meeting once a week via Zoom. 

A few benefits worth mentioning:

1. Work Remotely from Anywhere (Must physically be located in US)
2. Health, Dental, Life Insurance and Vision Coverage
3. 401(k) through Guidance
4 Three week vacations to start - four weeks after the first year of employment.
5. Flexible schedule
6 No overtime ever
7. 100% of expenses when you speak at conferences
8. Small, caring team always willing to help and your contributions make a big impact

We also have internal projects we work on as well. One is RubyRags (http://rubyrags.com), a fun little tee shirt business.