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Life is Good

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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Spread the power of Optimism. Life is Good is a brand and a positive force for good founded 25 years ago by two brothers, Bert and John Jacobs, who still work with us every day. Together they formed a privately-held company based on the foundational belief that optimism is a pragmatic strategy for living a happy and fulfilling life. We share that belief.

Listen to learn more about our story here: How I Built This - The Life is Good Story Podcast

Watch this to meet our CEO and President


We are on a Mission: To Spread the Power of Optimism

Today, Life is Good is best known for our positive messages, thought-provoking artwork and casual apparel for men, women, and kids. A minimum of 10% of the company’s annual net profit is gifted to The Life is Good Playmakers, who annually help over 1 million children overcome the effects of poverty, violence, and severe medical challenges.

Learn more about our social mission here: Life is Good Playmakers and here: Why Playmakers?

Get to know Optimism through our stories, partners and the people who fuel us.

HuffPost Interview

Scott Avett Behind the Scenes with Bert and John

We have Superpowers: Optimism enables us to access the 10 most important core values we have for leading a happy and fulfilling life. We call them the Life is Good Superpowers. But, unlike X-Ray vision, bullet speed, or Herculean strength, they're accessible to us all. Openness, Courage, Simplicity, Humor, Gratitude, Fun, Compassion, Creativity, Authenticity and Love. By embodying these values Superpowers every day, we positively impact our culture, our products, and our community.

Love note: Gratitude is a Superpower

We have a Vision for a better world:
A global community of people choosing rational optimism to positively impact their lives and the lives of others. Learn more about the where that vision originated.

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Curious about our culture? Meet Sam, he'll tell you about it.

Sam is a great example of what we often tell one another:

when you love what you do, it's not called work