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Leadr, Inc

Plano, Texas, United States

Jobs posted: 8

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The workplace has changed. Today’s employees expect more than pay or title, they seek careers where they can learn, grow, be challenged and be valued for the ideas they bring to the table.

Unfortunately, most organizations lack the tools and structure needed to create this kind of coaching and development culture across every team and every manager. Instead, their development efforts are buried in disconnected systems or compliance-based HR software.

When you join Leadr, you’ll be helping us to solve this incredibly complex, yet worthwhile, puzzle of one to one people development at scale within organizations.

Leadr exists to help every manager become a coach and give every employee a voice and you will play a crucial role in turning this vision into reality.

We value resilience, empathy, leadership, feedback, teamwork, and proactive communication. Leadr is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer. Thank you for considering Leadr as the place to share your strengths and talents.