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The most effective product launch system.

LaunchBoom has transformed how products are launched online. We've created an innovative product launch system that acquires customers extremely quickly while vastly mitigating risk for entrepreneurs. Our system is broken down into three phases:

Phase 1: TestBoom
Through TestBoom, we are able to quantify the probability of a successful product launch. We do this by driving traffic to a marketing funnel we build for our clients and plugging the metrics into our predictive model.

Phase 2: LaunchBoom
Products that pass TestBoom, automatically go to our LaunchBoom program. During LaunchBoom, our team is primarily focused on building a pre-launch email list before the crowdfunding campaign launches. We use this community to have a "LaunchBoom" which means to hit your crowdfunding goal within the first day. A successful LaunchBoom program will yield 6 and 7 figure crowdfunding campaigns in the course of a few months.

Phase 3: ScaleBoom 
Once a campaign is successful through LaunchBoom, we take the best products into our ScaleBoom program. Our team is now the experts at marketing the products and we use our knowledge to scale their brand through ecommerce.

LaunchBoom is a fully remote team of more than 30 experts around the world. We are rapidly expanding and are looking for the best to join our team.