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Larby Amirouche


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Innovator | Entrepreneur

About Larby
Larby Amirouche is a pioneer in internet marketing and e-commerce, widely respected as an industry leader and trendsetter. Best known for his successes promoting branded products through direct response campaigns, he first began making headlines after co-founding Tracking202, a PPC marketing and analytics technology platform used by affiliate marketers to track their campaigns. Larby started affiliate marketing backed by only $300 in credit, a little bit of knowledge, and turned it into millions of dollars CPA business that he generated. Tracking202, still in existence, was acquired for $1 million before Larby completed his sophomore year of college and has gone on to track billions of dollars' worth of ad buys.

The university was an environment which allowed Larby, as a burgeoning businessman, to stretch his wings, take risks, and learn from early mistakes. It was this foundation which allowed him to find long-term, sustainable commercial success within the digital marketing movement, directly facilitating sales worth hundreds of millions of dollars for clients across the globe. As an expert in all forms of direct response marketing, including social media and search engine, he has been trusted as a consultant by hedge fund executives and his products have been featured on regional and national news programs, including Fox and MSNBC. He is passionate about enabling entrepreneurs to chart their own destiny and is committed to ensuring that the marketing community utilizes best practices to safeguard the rights of consumers. As he always says: an informed consumer is a loyal customer.