Laminar Research

Columbia, South Carolina

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Creators of X-Plane, the world's most realistic flight simulator

We make the X-Plane flight simulator, used by both consumers and professional aerospace engineering organizations. We're a small, 100% remote team that places tremendous value on individual initiative.


As a member of our team, you would:
  • Work on stuff that matters. Real pilots fly safer because of training in X-Plane, and real aerospace organizations (like Boeing, Cessna, and NASA, to name just a few) prototype aircraft in X-Plane before they build them in the real world.
  • Work on a product that millions of people will see. You’ll get feedback from users, and that feedback will drive future development.
  • Have tremendous input on the direction of the product. Because X-Plane is an exceedingly small team, every team member has a lot of say about what we work on and how we make the product better for our users.
  • Set your own schedule. As far as we’re concerned, if you’re shipping features and fixing bugs, it’s your business when you do so.
  • Work remote. No commute, no cubicles, nothing to impede you from doing great work. (But the rest of the team is just a Slack call away!)
  • Work on a variety of technologies and products. At various points, you might work on X-Plane, Plane Maker, WED, the X-Plane installer, or the MMO server. We are not the kind of place where you get hired for one aspect of the product, and are then forbidden from touching anything else.