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We believe that AI has the power to transform every aspect of our lives -- from healthcare to agriculture. At Labelbox, we’re building a platform to accelerate the development of this future.

We are building software that solves the bottleneck in supervised machine learning. The bottleneck is creating high-quality training data at scale, and it’s the hard problem in AI that is holding back self-driving cars, automated agriculture, and all vision-based products and services across every industry.

The key to solving this bottleneck is github-like infrastructure and tooling that empowers ML teams to build real, production AI. We're already working with companies like Airbus, Stitchfix, and Allstate. And, we recently raised a $10M pre-emptive Series A just 8 months after our seed round from the same investors, which are Kleiner Perkins, Google Gradient, and First Round Capital.

Here’s what you can expect in this role
  1. Interesting, tough problems (something humans haven’t solved before)
  2. Technical + career growth
  3. Competitive compensation
  4. Working alongside world-class engineers like Kyle Nesbit and Kyle Owens