Kubos Corporation

Portland, Oregon

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Moving Space Operations to the Cloud

Kubos is a software-focused space startup, redefining software’s role in space. We focus on moving satellite operations to the cloud through our Major Tom mission control platform, and work with customers to understand pain points and add value. 

In line with our goal of redefining software’s role in space, Kubos is creating a software development and packaging infrastructure to deploy containerized applications to operating satellites--cloud computing in an orbiting constellation. Enterprises will have seamless orchestration of cooperating software across diverse space systems and orbits. But it won’t be without its challenges and that’s where you come in.

We’ll collaborate with government and commercial entities to understand needs and lay down some of the cornerstones, then create the foundation technologies to make this happen. Kubos is looking for highly motivated and capable developers to join our team to move the “edge” in edge computing to space.

Kubos is a 100% remote company since its founding in 2015. We hire the best and brightest talent within the United States.