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Palo Alto, California, USA

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Enable anyone to organize and track their financial information in the simplest way possible!

Kubera helps you organize all your wealth in one place and keep regular track of your net worth in a very simple intuitive way. It also ensures safe transfer of this information to your beneficiary.

  • Simple to use - As easy as entering data in a spreadsheet.
  • Tracks all kinds of assets - banks, cash, stocks, bonds, funds, crypto, real estate, art, vehicles, domains, digital assets, everything.
  • Real-time updates to the values - Connects to thousand of banks and brokerages around the world. The best connectivity in the industry.
  • Supports all major currencies. Have assets in another currency? Hold forex? Kubera instantly converts their value to your preferred currency using latest exchange rates.
  • The only app that can track traditional, crytpo and DeFi investments side-by-side. Connect your crypto exchange or wallets or just enter the crypto ticker to track their latest values value in your portfolio fiat currency.
  • Has storage for your important financial or asset documents.
  • Every update to your asset value is kept in history to go back in time to see how you fared.
  • Has a unique sharing feature that ensures all of this information will be passed on to your beneficiary if something happens to you.
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