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Charleston, SC

Jobs posted: 5

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We help cybersecurity founders design and build better products.

Krit is a growing digital agency that partners with Cyber Security startups to design and build innovative new products.

We typically work with 4-8 clients at any time on projects like:
  • Designing a web app to visualize the background noise of the internet and uncover the next wave of cyber attacks.
  • Building a dashboard used by security teams at city governments and utilities to detect abnormal network traffic.
  • Creating software that helps Fortune 500 companies visualize opportunities for attack within their networks and improve their security.
Our clients’ products have been used by brands like Dropbox, Lyft, Microsoft, Nike, Yale University, government agencies and more.

We’re a bootstrapped, transparent company and share our profits with our team (last year, we made ~$920,000 in revenue as a company). 🎉