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Fully remote

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We bring transparency, control and actionable insights to FX exposed companies.

Who we are

At Just we build financial products for businesses around the world that deal in global trade of goods and services. Our products help the finance teams at these businesses make better financial decisions, manage financial risk and access capital markets with more visibility and price transparency. We’re helping both medium and large businesses become more efficient, save money, and level the playing field with their banks and financial providers that have discriminated against them for decades. We’d like your help changing the status quo.

Our products address these needs, and the painpoints they face in achieving their objectives. After launching our first product in August 2019, we now have 3 products, have grown our client and user base rapidly, and serve top global brands throughout Europe and beyond. Our customers and users are happy, and to bring them even more value, we are iterating our existing products at a rapid pace and expanding our product suite.

We have our roots in Norway, but we understand that talent is everywhere, and comes in every shape and form. We believe that the future of work is distributed. Going forward, our HQ will be on the internet, but we’ll offer all team members flexible work solutions whether you want to work from your home or an office hub. 

This is an exciting time for us in terms of growth and expansion, and we are looking for new colleagues to join us! We have a great product development team and are looking for an experienced front-end developer to join us so that we can build top-notch user experiences for our customers more quickly.