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Madrid, Spain

Jobs posted: 3

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We are a workforce on-demand company that heavily rely on tech

  • Who we are: We are a workforce on-demand company that heavily rely on tech. We integrate the complete process of selecting, hiring and managing employees, being the first in digitizing all the steps, introducing Artificial Intelligence solutions in multiple phases, obtaining faster and higher-quality service for our clients and great satisfaction and loyalty for our workers.
  • Our Impact on Society: Our vision is to create a long-term job security condition for our workers while providing flexible solutions to our clients. We can do this by concatenating different short-term contracts and minimizing–or completely removing–their unemployed time. We want to remove the need for finding a job ever again. 
  • Engineering-Driven: We follow all best engineering practices adapted to provide the maximum value within our product. We automate all our daily work and processes as much as we can, letting us to focus on the real interesting problems we need to face. We are continuous learners always willing to add more talented team members to improve ourselves.
  • Great Challenges for the Backend Team: Dealing with a service oriented architecture that support many different products to optimize each part of the recruitment process challenges each of us on a daily basis to improve companies KPIs. Solving complex product problems leads the team towards the mastery of software and domain design.
  • Growth Overview: An annual growth of 170%, available in multiple countries: the UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Colombia, France, and more are coming. HQ in Madrid with a second big presence in Barcelona and some remote workers in the UK, The Netherlands, and the USA. And finally, some of our great clients are Amazon, XPOLogistics, Cabify, Santander, Just Eat, etc.