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Empower multi-partner commerce

Who we are

Jetti helps online businesses automate their inventory, shipping and accounting workflows. Our customers expect high availability, advanced features and expert support.

We’ve found a niche in the space we’re in and customers love the automation our system brings.

We’re a very young company still and you’ll be one of our first few hires. We’ve got a great product and are confident you’ll be part of a growing team as we see further traction in the market.

How we work

We rely on everyone at Jetti to do a lot of self-management.

While help is always available if you’re unclear or stuck, you’ll need to set your own direction when one isn’t given. Determining what needs to be done, and doing it, without waiting for someone to tell you to. You should be capable of building something from scratch and seeing it through.

Remote work

Work where you want - Your home, our UK location in Bath, a co-working space, on the road, you name it. If you feel like moving your job stays with you. EU hours are preferred for engineering roles and North America (ET) hours for customer facing roles. We are a remote team, but will arrange regular meet-ups.

Summer Hours

During summer, we work 4-day work weeks, aka “summer hours”. Summer hours are in effect from May 1 through August 31 each year.

Employee Liquidity Pool

If Jetti is ever sold or part of an IPO, tenured employees will be eligible to receive a portion of 5% of the value of the company. That 5% would be divided into units, based on the number of employees we have at the time.

Co-working space

Jetti will pay up to $200/month for you to use towards renting co-working space in your city.