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Tokyo, Japan

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Build The Next Era of Software Developement

Our mission
Build the Next Era of Software Development
There are so many problems and difficulties in software development. I know you faced a lot of problems when you create software. Like hard to learn, delay for release, the incident with the fatal bug. But every company and every person needs software. It's obvious. So, currently, in this world, too much demand and less supply. If we can find a better way to create software, If we can change the way of software development If we can establish brand new software development, things will change and we can build the next era of software development. Let's Build the Next Era of Software Development with us. And let's create move values of software for everyone.

Our Value
Love & Success For our client, for teammates, for everyone, strongly recommend you to love ppl who will work with. Because without love, it's too hard for you to use your important time. Do you know that love is technology? Everyone wants to be loved, but it's rare to know how to love. I recommend you to read this if you wanna know more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_Loving And once, you can learn how to love, your work will be happier than before. But don't forget about success. Love is just for preparation for success. We need to guide our clients to success. Because we are doing business. So love them until their success, and after their success, let's celebrate! But Don't forget! The most successful company should be us!!

We need to be professional because our mission is "Build the Next Era of Software Development". To archive this, we'll require so high-level skill. Because only ppl who have high skill can change the software development way. Without software development skills, we cannot change the way of it of course. For project management, business analysis, for coding, we need a lot of skills. So let's be professional. And not only skill, but we also need output too of course. Only skill doesn't mean good work. To "Build the Next Era of Software Development", we need to be professional for any work and need to create great output with high skill!

Find the beak through point. Find Leverage point. Find where we can hack so that we can get great output. Don't be tied up with the old ideas. Our mission is to Build the Next Era of Software Development and to archive this, we need to find the point of the hack. Then we can change this software development which is so difficult and having too many problems. Without the hack, we'll be just normal or just good company. To be a great company, let's find where we can hack, and let's execute it!! Don't think your current work is the best. The key is to get the biggest achievement with the smallest effort.