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inFlow Inventory

Toronto, Canada

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We believe in businesses like yours

We believe there’s more than just one way to work

We offer software with a clear focus on inventory tracking, but with options to accommodate your unique workflow. Whether you dropship herbal teas, manufacture hi-tech counting machines, or make your own jewelry, we’ve got options to accommodate the way you work.

We believe simple and powerful are not opposites

Software designed to handle thousands of products and transactions doesn’t have to look like a spreadsheet.
We’ve broken away from the status quo by designing software that’s easy for anyone to pick up, and with features that scale to your company size (whether that’s two people or two hundred).

We believe in a worldwide community
We all benefit if everyone has a fair chance to earn a good living. That’s why we’ve supported over 1,733 loans to small businesses in developing countries worldwide since 2007 with Kiva. We also provide registered non-profit organizations a 50% discount (please get in touch with us if that’s you: success@inflowinventory.com)