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Hatch Coding

Hatch Coding

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Hatch Coding is all about spontaneous smiles and skills that shape the future!

🥳 About the Company:

Hatch Coding is a spectacular outcomes and spontaneous smiles company. We have software that teaches kids and teens how to read and write code. We have a B2C product and a B2B product where parents/companies sign up their kids to build a toolbox of skills to shape the future. 

With Hatch Coding, students learn based on the methods that 95% of today’s software used. We teach skills that employers want so that our students can meaningfully contribute on day 1 of a tech job, or if not in a tech job, meaningfully communicate to someone on a tech team. Since 2014, there have been over 40,000 students who have learned with Hatch. Our mission is to deliver a better way of learning Computer Science and fully prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s future economy.