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Guidanz Inc

San Francisco Bay Area

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Our products liberate users from tedious, repetitive, manual tasks in data operations, analytics, and operational reporting.

About Guidanz

Guidanz Inc. is the developer of two leading B2B software products.  Our team is small, collaborative, customer-focused and remote.  We have customers all over the world. 

Skedler (www.skedler.com) is an automation suite focused on IT operation analytics, Network analytics, Security analytics, Telco analytics, Log analytics and Search Analytics. It is used and oem’d by leading companies such as HPE, Bosch, Euronext, Anam Networks.

BI Connector (www.biconnector.com) is a software that integrates visual analytics to BI platforms. It helps users to visualize BI data with their favorite tools such as Tableau or Power BI. It is used by leading companies like Toronto Health, Crowley Maritime, Aida Cruises.

Our vision is to provide easy-to-use software solutions for business problems using analytics, machine learning, and search.

Our team is remote and we have customers all over the world.