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Greenback Expat Tax Services

Grandville, Michigan

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Never worry again if your U.S. Expat Taxes are done right. We take the hassle out of filing your American expat taxes so you can get back to your adventure abroad.

Living abroad is complex enough. We’ll simplify the US expat tax part.
Greenback makes life better for Americans living abroad and aims to take away the anxiety and hassle of helping US expats become and stay compliant with their US taxes while overseas. Greenback understands that filing US taxes while living abroad can be daunting and Greenback was founded on the belief that it doesn’t have to be this way. Greenback is proud of helping people navigate a ridiculously complex system in a way that makes sense for their individual situation. While it may sound impossible, Greenback makes the process of filing US expat taxes a hassle-free one — a necessary step as part of an expat’s amazing adventure abroad.