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It’s our mission to give 1 million travellers the keys to a carefree road trip adventure, while helping Motorhome owners unlock extra income by sharing their unused vehicle.

Working to give one million people per year a road trip adventure in Europe.

We are a peer-to-peer platform for motorhome rentals. Nothing beats the thrill of a road trip, driving down endless roads with the windows down and music playing on the radio. Especially in a motorhome, as you have everything you need right there with you. But then why are there 2.4 million motorhomes in Europe standing still for an average of eleven months per year?

Our team is rapidly growing and comprised of international employees that play a vital role in our success. We want to make camping in Europe accessible to all, and so we prioritise understanding and engaging different cultures. Our employees come from all corners of Europe and beyond and bring their own twist to the team. We’re not only international but also curious, diverse, engaging, bright, smart, and we make the best sandwiches during our Friday afternoon lunches. Our ambition is to help 1 million people per year experience the ultimate freedom of motorhome travel by 2025. Can you help us to achieve that?

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